About Us


How it Started:

It all started back in college. We realized that there were Catholic groups for university students, for those involved in Greek life, and even for varsity athletes. But there was nothing for the "gym guys". We sought to change that by starting Swole.Catholic, seeking to cultivate a more holistic approach and mindset to faith and fitness, which is expressed in our tagline: "In all that I do, let it bring me closer to You."

We believe it is important for fitness to be in your faith, and for faith to be in your fitness. We want to give you tangible ways to do exactly that.

With every prayer, and with every rep. With every holy hour, and with every workout.

Here at Swole.Catholic, we are dedicated to helping you build bodies so that together we may build the Kingdom.

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Where Are We Now:

Erica, Josh, Camille, Dan, Zoie, and I (Paul) are all now in our various careers, loving what we do. We love being able to witness in the real world while simultaneously preaching our mission of faithful fitness. We do not seek a profit, and in doing so, we are able to stay focused on what we are radically passionate about: the people we meet and serve through the ministry of Swole.Catholic.

Let us know how we can help you on your faith and fitness journey!


In His strength,

The Swole.Catholic Team

Meet the Team


Paul McDonald

Paul is a 2015 graduate of Colorado School of Mines. Though he grew up a cradle Catholic and went through the motions, it was during his college days that he really made his faith his own.  Paul has an incredible heart for ministry that is rooted in his deep love of the Faith, the Church, and most importantly Jesus Christ. He loves to challenge others to grow in their relationship with our risen Lord and never settles for mediocrity; after all, we aren’t made for comfort, but for greatness!  Paul is the lifeblood of Swole.Catholic but when he can spare a moment, he is a Coloradan through and through.  Anything from fine coffee and craft beer to cigars and whiskey to long backpacking trips high up in the mountains, this guy does it all.

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Josh French

Josh is also a 2015 graduate of Colorado School of Mines, where he met and helped his best friend Paul found Swole.Catholic. Josh has been instrumental in the direction and follow-through of Swole.Catholic. He also helps man the booth at conferences, and is one of our product models. Josh is very active in his parish’s ministries in Golden, Colorado, and loves diving into the faith in Bible studies. In his free time, he races mountain bikes in the endurance categories, even though he's built like a linebacker.

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Dan Jenkins

Dan is always down for whatever and, simply put, he is the life of the party. His fun-loving, good-natured attitude, and cheesy romance brings that zealous spark to Swole.Catholic. Dan’s story is like a lot of ours: he grew up a cradle-catholic and until college, he never saw the faith as anything more than a checklist.  That all began to change freshman year when Paul offered him a ride to Mass.  Finally hearing Jesus’ call, Dan dove deeper and deeper into his faith as he built up his relationship with Christ through Bible studies, discipleship, and campus ministry.  With a big smile on his face and nothing but love in his heart, Dan jumps all over any opportunity he can to help others. Dan helps Zoie lead the Swole.Catholic group at the University of Northern Colorado.

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Camille French

Josh’s wife Camille is a convert to both Catholicism and the world of fitness. She graduated from Florida’s Ave Maria University with a degree in Theology and moved to Colorado in the summer of 2017. Camille is a half-marathoner, trail runner, and general outdoor and health enthusiast. If she isn’t running for miles on miles, she’s probably cooking, brewing kombucha, reading, or daydreaming about all the beautiful places she’d like to visit someday.


Erica McDonald

Paul’s beautiful wife and biggest supporter. Erica graduated from University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelors in Psychology. She is an in home senior caregiver who has the biggest heart to love and serve. Erica shares the same passion for ministry as her husband Paul. Erica’s heart of ministry is for youth and women, helping them embrace their true dignity, worth, and holy fierceness.


Zoie Hoben

Zoie graduated with a Bachelors in Business from University of Northern Colorado, and then went on to graduate as a licensed makeup and hair stylist from Emily Griffith in Denver to help women realize their inherent beauty and dignity.