Week 1: Body - Day 2: Challenge

Yesterday we meditated on the Theology of the Body and how our bodies are essential parts of our being in order to experience and learn of the invisible through the visible.

We have all heard the phrase “your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.” But have we ever taken the time to figure out what that truly means?

Today we are going to the Old Testament to learn about the Temple.

1 Kings 5:15 through 1 Kings 7:51 describe the building of the temple: the measurements, ornate details, number of workmen, the materials used, the weight of gold and metals used, etc (see also 2 Chronicles 1:18 - 4:22). Lets focus on 1 Kings 6:19-22:

“In the innermost part of the temple was located the sanctuary to house the ark of the Lord’s covenant, twenty cubits long, twenty wide, and twenty high. Solomon overlaid the interior of the temple with pure gold. He made in front of the sanctuary a cedar altar, overlaid it with gold, and looped it with gold chains. The entire temple was overlaid with gold so that it was completely covered with it: the whole altar before the sanctuary was also overlaid with gold.”

The temple of the Lord; the temple of the Holy Spirit. These are the same.

Do you describe your body in this detail? Do you treat your temple with this much care? Is your temple built out of cedar and gold?

Taking care of our bodies is necessary. In the famous quote from St Augustine,

“take care of your body as if you were going to live forever; and take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow.”

Our challenge to you is for you to show us how you are taking care of your body this week!

Diet? Workout? Rest? How is it that you are actively choosing to take care of your temple for God? Post a picture and tag @Swole.Catholic in it to be entered into the drawing to win a free S.C shirt of your choice. Drawing closes Saturday 12/8, every post/tag counts as one entry.