Week 1: Body - Day 4: Work

Let’s be honest, putting in work is hard, especially when your committed to so many other things in life. The thought of even going to the gym can make it feel like a chore. I want to give you some tough love right now.

Stop it!

Do you know how incredible the human body is??? Think about it.

You always see these people do crazy things on the internet like parkour where people are jumping from building to building flipping on the way there. Or on TV, professional athletes competing in the Olympics. Have you have seen Men’s gymnastics? These muscular men are doing things we couldn’t even think of. The fact that women can carry another life for 9 months and then bear the pain of birth is incredible. Or better yet while she’s nearing her due date, her husband says they have to go to Egypt. By the way there was no plane to take or car to drive in. Or a man carrying a cross (not just the beam, but the entire cross) weighing around 300 pounds for 600 meters. What’s your excuse?

The human body can do so many incredible things. Instead of making workouts a chore, use it to glorify God and all the talents He has given you. Today I challenge you to try a workout that makes you push yourself. If you don’t have one, try the HIIT workout in the next post. Tell us about your experience or a picture of the aftermath.

“Surprise your body and in return it will surprise you.” I challenge you to do this today and glorify God while doing it. Thank Him for your ability to workout and train. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 3:14). Praise be to God and do all things for His glory and not your own.

In His strength,