Week 1: Body - Day 7: Surrender

At the end of this week, take a moment to reflect upon all that your body has been through the last 7 days. Don’t just think about your workouts or what you ate. Think about how your body was truly good to you. Think about how you smiled at someone you love, hugged someone who needed comforting, looked at and felt sparkly new snow, knelt in reverence in prayer. Think about the ways it let you down. That stomachache on Tuesday, the bad hair day on Friday, every time you had to put your glasses on, the acne that just won’t go away…

And now...

...surrender it.

Maybe you don’t like what your body looks like or you’re frustrated by what it does or can’t do.
Surrender it.
Maybe you think your body’s pretty great and fills in those jeans quite nicely.
Surrender it.
Maybe you’re sick and don’t know how to get better.
Surrender it.

“Your body is good and it is a gift and God wants it to bear fruit”

We all want so badly to be in control. We like to think that our bodies are entirely subject to our wills and that a strong will is all you need to get your body to do what you want. But it’s not true. It’s a lie from the pit of hell that smells like smoke. Your body is not your slave. Your body is good and it is a gift and God wants it to bear fruit, just like your mind and your soul. Just because your body is physical does not mean God is not concerned with it.

As we come to the end of our week on the body, I entreat you to consider whether or not you have given over your body to the Lord. Perhaps you’ve given Him your soul, your will, even. But have you offered to Him every bit of your humanity, including your body? God desires all of you. Trust Him to provide.

In His strength,