Advent is a season of preparation.

We as Christians are preparing for Christ’s coming; yes to remember His first coming on Christmas, but also (and even more so) to prepare for His second coming. Advent is a season of hope. This hope is for Him.

I recently read an article describing Advent as the “better season” than Christmas. The author went on to say how the anticipation and excitement of getting everything ready for Christmas is what fuels and runs that hope. And then Christmas comes around and there is a sense of let-down or lack of fulfillment. Now while we are a Christmas and Easter people, and this feeling does not properly reflect the reality of the Christmas season, this is a very normal and Christian feeling. We all are longing to be with Christ, to be in full communion with God, but while we are on this Earth and while we wait for His second coming to bring us home, we cannot have that fulfillment. So we are left wanting.

This Advent, Swole.Catholic wants to help challenge and encourage you to have a season of hope and preparation. We are going to walk through these weeks preparing our entire being, our bodies, minds, and souls for the coming of Christ.

Week 1: Preparing Our Body
Week 2: Preparing Our Mind
Week 3: Preparing Our Soul
Week 4: Bring them all together just in time for Christmas!

What will each week look like?

We work through the natural ebb and flow of a growth cycle:

Sunday Meditation. 
This will be the introduction to set the tone for the week
Monday Challenge.
We will introduce the challenge, how to connect with others doing the challenge, and how to win free gear!
Tuesday Fuel. 
How do we "fuel" our Mind, Body, and Soul
Wednesday Work.
Now let's put our meditation and fuel to "work"!
Thursday Rest.
What does proper rest/recovery look like?
Friday Maintenance/Self-Care. 
This is far more than just rest, but active effort to prepare for another week.
Saturday Surrender.
Now that we have put everything in, we need to surrender our pride and failings and see ourselves as God does.

In His strength,