Week 2:Mind - Day 3: Fuel *PART 2*

Now that you have set your time aside for silence, what about the rest of the day? There is noise, and various media sources everywhere! A lot of the flood the world pushes on us we cannot control, but there is a far greater amount that we can control. What music do we listen to? What articles or news sources do we read? What TV shows and movies do we watch?

Being intentional about the various inputs that we put into our brain is essential to living a healthy, full, and virtuous life. One of my favorite Matthew Kelly quotes is “tell me the 10 books you will read this next year, and I will tell you the kind of person you will be.”

This Advent I challenge you to evaluate all the things you choose to listen to, watch, and read. Are they growing your brain and conforming it towards Christ? If not, it’s time to take out the trash...

In His strength.