Week 2: Mind - Day 5: Rest

God gave us such amazing brains that are constantly thinking; can you ever just sit their and not think about nothing? It’s nearly impossible. Our minds don’t even stop running while we sleep, proof by our dreams that make absolutely no sense. How incredible that our minds can think about what we are looking at, while at the the same time think about the background noise, while talking to someone else, etc. Meanwhile we have our ongoing to-do list racing through our minds stressing us out. WE NEED REST. Even God Himself in all His brilliance needed a whole day to rest His mind.

How do you rest your mind? One way I know a lot of people rest/recover is by watching netflix, but that’s dangerous because you could end up down the black hole and find yourself 5 hours later binging on one show. Try this: text a friend to hang out or grab coffee. Why do we watch TV? To escape our own reality. You can do the same thing by catching up with a friend about their life. You also sometimes need to release all the things jumbled up in your head with another person. Sharing life with someone helps your release that stress and hearing about their life gives you a break from yours. Spending carefree timelessness with someone always ends up being quality time. Give your mind a rest by calling a friend for coffee and then you both get a break from your busy minds.

In His strength,