Week 3: Soul - Day 1: Meditation

We can trick ourselves into thinking we can earn heaven, or earn love--even God’s love.

Mercy is not earned, it is freely given. Love is not earned, it is freely given. Therefore to be able to receive God’s love and mercy, we need to develop and prepare the correct disposition of the soul. How do we have the right disposition?


Taking the time (no matter how small) to sit and be with Him. Our position ought to be like St John Vianney’s parishioner who would spend hours before the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration. When asked what he does for so long he responded, "Nothing. I just look at Him and He looks at me." What a beautiful reflection on the friendship with Christ that he had. Being able to be fully 100% present with his best friend and Savior.  Our bodies and minds help tremendously with building understanding and knowledge about God and His love for us. But it is our souls that are moved by His words and actions that allow us to enter into relationship with Him.

How is our prayer life? Do we have the relationship with Jesus to be able to spend all day with Him? Are our hearts fertile ground to be able to accept His love and mercy? Or are our hearts dirty and fatigued? This week let’s focus on the condition of our soul, we can evaluate it just as we would our body and mind. Ask yourself “am I healthy?” Where do I need to let God into? What parts of my soul have become dark, dirty, fatigued, or dead. As we prepare for His coming, let’s invite Christ into these parts to restore, cleanse, and revive our souls.

In His strength,