Week 3: Soul - Day 4: Work

God is generous with the mercy that He gives each one of us. He is generous to the point that He gave us his own Son. As we learned yesterday we must be humble with God and accept these graces and they will become fuel for our soul. Fuel for the soul is no different from fuel of the mind and body, in that it is meant to be used. Fuel yourself with God’s presence, but do not stop there. On Christmas, we celebrate God giving us his grace and presence in the world in the form of his only Son. If God can give us the gift of Jesus, don’t you think we ought to give a little as well. What better way to give back to God, than to love his creation.

Jesus tells us that to love our neighbor as ourselves is one of His greatest commandments (Mark 12:31). This is the fruit that the soul can bear when it is fed properly and worked properly. So today I challenge you to use these fruits and love someone. There are many ways to do this, but during the busy holiday season I believe one of the best things you can give is your time. We are so caught up with searching for presents, that we often forget that one of the best things we can give is our PRESENCE. Be present with someone in your life. Spend real time with them and love them in a personal way. Sharing love with someone like this is in my opinion the best way to spread the Gospel. This is how we work our soul.

In His strength,


Paul McDonaldComment