Week 3: Soul - Day 6: Maintenance/Self-Care

At the beginning of this fall season I was really struggling with all life things such as how to deal with classes, how to deal with married life and those relationships around me. I found myself drowning all the time and I couldn’t find out what was hurting me, what was wrong. Till I found myself on my knees before the Tabernacle crying to my Lord. And what I heard was, “Go to confession.” –“But Lord I have nothing to confess.” That was when God made clear my struggles with pride, self-doubt, greed, lust, and much much more which I will not go into great detail here. The point is my soul was sick, and I didn’t even know it, and that was affecting the rest of me. Then a few days after that when I was reading Time with God by Jacque Phillippe, he quoted St. Teresa of Avila where she said “if I had understood as I do today, that in this tiny palace of my soul, such a Great King is living, I would not have left Him alone so often, I would have gone to seek Him out from time to time, and I would have taken steps to ensure that the palace was less dirty.”  And that was really when it hit me that to maintain my soul I had to be sure to keep it clean for Christ the King who lives with in. My challenge to you then is to find the Church’s confession schedule, and get to it! Because the soul needs confession more than once or twice a year, just like the body needs to be cleaned more than once or twice a year!

In His strength,