Week 3: Soul - Day 7: Surrender

Hi Human DOing, how are you? What?!? Oh, I’m sorry I just figured since your so busy and doing doing doing that you are no longer called a human being but a human doing. How true is this? That we are in fact called a human being. God calls us to BE. He wants us to do His will, yes. He wants us to love thy neighbor, yes. But what about just embracing who you are. The Lord wants you to come to Him with nothing and He wants you to come with everything. The best way to surrender your soul to the Lord is to simply be with Him. Sometimes... no, a lot of the time, this is hard. You go to the chapel to be like JP2 and just sit there looking at him and he looks at you. We often go to the chapel after a long day to escape the world outside, but yet we find ourselves bringing those things in with us. We try to focus on God and sit there wanting to just BE.

Try this: go to the chapel  to embrace that you are a child of God and that’s it, but first start with all your distractions. Tell Him about how your stressed that you need to write a paper or excited that you started a new job. Mad that you no longer speak to that former friend. Give him all the anger and all your emotions your feeling. “Why are you allowing this to happen?” “What are your plans for this?” He wants you to share your life with you. He wants that relationship with you. He knows all these things, but He wants you to share them with Him. He made you human and to be in relationship with people, but most importantly in relationship with Him. Why are you friends with your best friend? You don’t just sit next to each other doing nothing. You share life with each other.

Start with giving Him everything in your life, and ask Him for help. Then once you have run out of things to talk about surrender all those things to Him and just sit their admiring His beauty, because that's what He does with you all the time. How beautiful is that! That the God of the Universe just wants you to sit and be with Him. Like an old married couple in their 90s, already knowing everything about each other, but yet they sit next to each other in the booth at a restaurant to be with each other.

God wants you to lay everything at the foot of the cross and just sit there with Him in all His glory.

In His strength,