Week 2: Mind - Day 4: Work

Working the mind seems easy at first but the mind is a very complex part of each individual being. What is simple for one could be very difficult for another. The mind is easy to trick into thinking that you are working it when in actuality you could be doing the mind-numbing thing that comes easy to you.

There are two halves of the brain: if you tend to be more “left brained” you are more analytical or mathematical, and if you are more creative or artsy then you are what they call “right brained”. If you happen to be a left brainer I challenge you to try being more creative; go painting, take your  coffee or tea on a walk with Mozart and see the beauty of this world and in doing so see the beauty and glory of Christ. See what He has blessed you with in His own creativity! If you happen to be more right brained, I challenge you to sit and read Theology of the Body by Saint John Paul 2 or The Joy of Love by Pope Francis and meditate on these things and recognize the intricate ways God built each of us in order to do what we do and love the way we love. It is not always easy to exercise the mind and step out of your comfort zone at the same time but God blessed us with two sides of a brain to be able to obtain and understand and in return extend and teach!

In His strength,