Week 4: Meditation Wrap-Up

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

How has your preparation been? Where have you needed the most growth?

God never ceases to amaze me with the brilliance of His creation. He gifted us with intellects, bodies, and souls so that we can, by the spur of our own free will, choose to learn about and love Him. Our bodies provide a medium to translate the invisible to the visible, the intangible to the tangible. Our mind’s allow us to control our choices and give us the true ability to love. Without the free will choice, there can be no love. And finally He gifted us with a soul to be moved at our core towards Him. Emotions and logic are the closest comparisons to the movements of the heart that God gifts us within our souls.

As we move into the Christmas season I hope you have found new appreciation for the gifts God has given you. I hope you have a new mindset towards what it means to prepare your entire being for Him. Let us live as Christmas people together in hope and the reality of Christ’s coming.

In His strength,


Paul McDonaldComment