What Does it Mean to You to be a Swole.Catholic? - Josh

Have you ever talked to somebody about working out and you get the response

‘oh, you workout too much. There’s so much more to a person than just their physicality. Your body is your god.’

Or have you heard from the other side of spectrum where they respond

‘yeah let’s get yoked! Protein! All that matters is looking good and getting all the girls.’


And you know what?


I don’t get it.


I don’t get either end of the spectrum.


You know it seems to me that a lot of people try to separate their physicality and their faith; as if you can separate one part of a person from the rest of who they are. But that doesn’t make sense, we are body soul composites and you can’t separate one from the other.


So, for me, what Swole.Catholic means is orienting your priorities to God. Give him your whole self, your mind, body, soul. Glorify Him with the gifts that He gave you, and that includes your body.


A lot of who I am is wrapped in the physical gifts God has given me. A lot of the deep experiences I have had with God, have been in conjunction with my fitness, whether that be at the gym, or one of my long bike rides. I thank God for giving me this time, body, and these abilities, and hopefully I can use them to glorify Him.

I can’t see my life without both of these aspects of life, and you can’t separate them; just like you can’t separate your body from your soul.


So, I say to you, see yourself as God sees you, as His beloved son/daughter. Let your workouts not be an act of vanity, but an act of thanksgiving to Him.






Josh French

Co-founder & Team Member


Josh is a 2015 graduate of Colorado School of Mines, where he met and helped his best friend Paul found Swole.Catholic. Josh has been instrumental in the direction and follow through of Swole.Catholic, he also helps man the booth at conferences, and is one of our product models. Josh is very active in his parish’s ministries in Golden, Colorado, and loves diving into the faith in Bible studies. In his free time, he races mountain bikes in the endurance categories, even though he is built like a linebacker.

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