What Does it Mean to You to be a Swole.Catholic? - Dan

To start out, let’s rewind a little bit.

In high school I was really involved with wrestling and baseball and for everything I did, there was a coach telling me what to do. Once I got to college, I didn’t play any sports, so all my activities (or inactivity) and eating habits were up to me.


My faith life was very similar in that way as well. I grew up in a Catholic family. I was raised Catholic and my parents taught me a lot; but, to me it was always kind of a checklist. Go to Church, go to confession, say your prayers before meals and bedtime. If I did all that, I was ‘good.’ But I didn’t really see God as a person, or at least not as much as I thought I could or as much as I do now.



Once I got to college, it was the first time that I was on my own for both of these things (fitness and faith). I didn’t have my parents telling me to go to Mass; I still went even though it felt like I was just checking off my list again. And I didn’t have my coaches anymore telling me to run or lift.

So, the first few years of college was the first time I had that freedom to discover these things on my own and I fell in love with both.

Over the last few years I’ve realized how these two things are both really big in my life and that I can’t live without them.


So, what does it mean to be a ‘swole catholic’? I discovered it’s not necessarily that I should define myself as just a ‘Swole’ ‘Catholic’. What it means to me is that I bring God into everything that I do. He gave me these gifts to go to the gym, to go to school, to interact with people. All this stuff, we need to be bringing God into. We need to have our entire lives and all that we do rooted in Him. That’s what it means for me to a Swole.Catholic.




Dan Jenkins

Denver Team Member


Dan is always down for whatever and simply put, he is the life of the party. His fun-loving, good-natured attitude and cheesy romance brings that zealous spark to Swole.Catholic. Dan’s story is like a lot of ours; he grew a cradle-catholic and until college, he never saw the faith as anything more than a checklist.  That all began to change freshman year when Paul offered him a ride to mass.  Finally hearing Jesus’ call, Dan dove deeper and deeper into his faith as he built up his relationship with Christ through bible studies, discipleship, and campus ministry. With a big smile on his face and nothing but love in his heart, Dan jumps all over any opportunity he can to help others. Dan helps Zoie lead the Swole.Catholic group at the University of Northern Colorado.

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