New Muscles

“I didn’t even know there was a muscle there!”

Have you ever heard this line before? Probably!
Whether you have heard it, thought it, or have even said it yourself, we all know this moment.

We have just started working out, new to the game, and over-zealously stumbled through a workout we saw on some bodybuilder’s Instagram. Sure enough, we wake up the next morning so sore we don’t think we are going to make it out of bed, let alone the door to go to work! When we try to move, these muscles we’ve never felt before are now screaming with the fiery burn of that lactic acid leftover from yesterday's lift…

”We had no idea about these other muscles until we started to use them.”

We had no idea about these other muscles until we started to use them. But we find as we progress, we gain more awareness of our bodies, learning how small tweaks can improve our squat depth, or a new position helps us stretch that one muscle just right.

Getting started with our physical lives can be a lot like getting started with our spiritual lives. We have no idea what our spiritual “muscles” are or where they are. But as we begin, we learn how to use them.  It can begin with learning that prayer is not a trade of putting in “Jesus tokens” to get what you want from God, but its a conversation with your Creator! We progress along in our spiritual lives by learning about the ever deeper levels of the relationship we can have with our God. Whether it is by meditating on the mysteries of the rosary, going to Mass or praying with others, opening up your heart to the love and conversation God has waiting for you. We learn about small tweaks we can make to our daily lives to increase our prayer, new dispositions we can put our heart and mind into in order to better hear His call.

The Christian life is about becoming who God created you to be. The journey is becoming more of who you are, more of who you are meant to be. This journey occurs in every aspect of our being: mind, body, and soul. As we use these “new muscles” of our body, we learn more about who we are and are able to step into that fuller reality. We are able to become more human as we learn these new muscles. The same goes for the spiritual “muscles,” we are able to become more human as our spiritual capacity increases.

“We are able to become more human as we learn these new muscles.”

Start small, but never stay small.

In His strength,