Why We Do What We Do...

After returning from the Midwest Catholic Family Conference recently, I found myself thinking about why we even do this Swole.Catholic thing…

I think of the hundreds of people we talk with in such a short amount of time and the little snippets of conversation that stick with me.

I’d like to share some of these with you this week…


A typical interaction usually starts with a question:

If we ask first, it’s normally: “Have you heard of Swole.Catholic before?”

But if they ask, it’s normally: “What does that ‘S’ word stand for?” or “What is Swool-eh?”

It’s after these first questions that the real conversations happen and things begin to light up. We talk about how “Swole.Catholic is all about promoting faithful fitness. We are body and soul. We should be building both.” At this point people either move along to the next booth or they want to know more: “Why?” “How?”

We then get to share our tangibles, our gear and rosary bands as material ways of bringing Christ into your workouts. We share about our ministry: resources for connecting people with trainers, gyms, and other supports. We talk about how we facilitate groups; we have a men’s group at North Dakota State, a Rosary Run group starting at University of Central Florida, and our Denver group that produces the Swole.Catholic blog-cast, where we meet up to record our discussions about various topics and distill them down into something more digestible with our blog posts. (We are working on getting the recordings posted as a podcast soon…be on the lookout!)

Talking about our ministry is what really gets me excited, and you can feel the excitement grow between us and the people we talk to in these conversations. It’s out of this excitement that the real gems start to surface…


This last weekend we met Judah, a student studying Kinesiology, and learned about how he is trying to incorporate this mind-body-soul synergy into his life, studies, and future practice.

Moses also seeks to bring that synergy into every aspect of his life and loves to challenge others in it, as well. He told us about this last Lent when he did a video blog about incorporating your workouts into your prayer life and being able to connect that suffering and discipline.

Nathan is heading off to walk the Camino de Santiago in September and will be repping a Run.Catholic shirt to help encourage faithful fitness.

Rosie, a Wichita native, runs 50k races (that’s right – 50, not 5!) all the time and wants to encourage people to run toward the finish line while also running toward Christ.

We meet so many dads who keep their bodies healthy so they can better love and serve their families, especially their children.

We love talking to the Franciscan brothers, who love to run and lift so they, too, can better love and serve.


It’s in these conversations that I find God’s joy – in sharing my passion, seeing the passions of others, and connecting through them. Seeing these people light up and come alive is truly what it’s all about.

What I see in these stories is how people get so amped about service and community. The common factor with all these people and their stories, the “why they do what they do”, is the same as Swole.Catholic’s. The point of Swole.Catholic is to help authentic Christian friendship permeate the world; to inspire others to live the best lives they can, loving and serving others. S.C is meant to reach out to all. Not just athletes, but priests, brothers, sisters, the old, and the young…the everyday people. It is all about communion with others, reflecting (though imperfectly) the reality that God is in communion with us.

The practice, discipline, and mastery of exercising the body and soul is a great start, but it is meant to influence our everyday lives. At the end of the Mass, the priest sends us out with a blessing and a command to “Go and serve the Lord!” “Thanks be to God!”

So…why do we do what we do?

We want to send you out to the world better prepared to love, serve, and honor God, your creator, friend, and Father.

Paul McDonaldComment