Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the synergy between faith and fitness.

We want to be able to share our experience of the Catholic faith with you in the hope that together we can reach a mean between extremes. On one end of the spectrum is the mindset that the body is bad and the soul is the only good. On the other end, there is a complete neglect for the soul in the deification of the body. Neither of these are right. God gave us a body for a reason, and we are to use this body as the temple that it is to learn more about Him while drawing ever closer to Him.

In all that we do, it must be bringing us closer to You.


"Currently, I help kids on my campus as a personal trainer, but I build it all around scripture! Swole.Catholic made a huge impact on me and motivated me to do this."

— Joshua Sneeringer, Team Member - PA Outpost