Our outposts are the "lighthouses" of the faithful fitness world, the people who are shining bright to help others find their way.
We have team members all over the country who are passionate about sharing their faith and helping inspire others to pursue God in everything that they do!


Denver, Colorado

Homebase - Paul McDonald - swole.catholic@gmail.com

When I'm not working or with family and friends I am either at the gym or running up a mountain. To hear more of my story check out the About Us page and What it Means to Me to be a Swole.Catholic.


Cincinnati, Ohio

Nick Jobe - najobe13@gmail.com

Nick is a 2012 graduate of Wright State University and currently works as an administrator at a Catholic seminary in the Midwest. He’s also the founder and craftsman behind Our Lady’s Armory (olarmory.com), an online store selling sturdy handmade rosaries and other unique Catholic gifts for men. He’s a passionate “convert” to the mission of Swole.Catholic as a way of building virtue and growing in fitness both physically and spiritually. His top three favorite fitness activities are Spartan races, rucking, and weightlifting. When he’s not working or working out, Nick loves drinking coffee out of kettlebells and reading the Summa.

Hear more of Nick’s story in his blog - What It Means to be a Swole.Catholic


Dracut, Massachusetts

Burning Tenacity - Ben Chavarie - admin@burningtenacity.com

Ben is originally from New Brunswick, Canada, lived in British Columbia & Alberta for 10 years working in the Oil & Gas industry as a Journeyman Pipefitter before moving to Massachusetts to be with his wife Pamela.  He recently graduated from MCC with an Engineering Technology CAD degree and works as a Project Manager.  He's the founder of Burning Tenacity, a Swole-catholic outpost, focused on building a healthy community and helping people grow closer to Christ through physical fitness. He is a catholic revert who came back to the church by way of physical fitness and saw a true potential for evangelizing his brothers and sisters who share the same passions as he does.  His mission is to help them come back (or come for the first time) and help them grow a stronger relationship with God. 

Ben's favorite fitness activities are mountain hiking, weight lifting and OCR's.  When they aren’t hiking mountains or hitting the gym, Ben & Pam are heavily involved in their parish community at Saint Francis of Assisi as youth and young adult ministers helping young people grow closer to Christ.

To learn more about Ben’s story check out his blog - What it Means to be Swole.Catholic


Knoxville, TENNESSEE

Sacred Hearts Outpost - Zach and Sonia Summers - zachsoniasummers@gmail.com

We are a Catholic family of four out of the Heart of Dixie. Sonia, a painter and climber. Zach, an endurance runner (anything from 5ks to marathons). 
Our goal is to be a living witness of the theology espoused by so many of the saints: to make our bodies a temple and the importance of the virtue of excellence in physical improvement. Our outpost is enthroned to the Sacred Hearts to express the unapologetic conviction of our faith.
We look forward to finding more of the faithful around us. If you're in the Knoxville area, please join us! Verso l'alto!”


Orlando, Florida

The Catholic Soul Sisters - Emelia Ospina and Gabriella Ospina - catholicsoulsisters@gmail.com

We are all unique individuals with a wide variety of fitness interests ranging from hiking and jump roping to tennis and gym workouts! At the core of The Catholic Soul Sisters is a deep love and need for Christ and a desire to express that through our friendship. This is what helps us push each other when we need that motivation, or help carry one of our sisters through a difficult time. If you’re looking for that motivation and support on both your faith and fitness journeys, or just want a hiking buddy, please reach out to us! You can find us on Instagram or just send us an email. 


Lubbock, Texas

Andres Guerrero Criado - andeduguecri_95@hotmail.com

I'm was born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised across Venezuela, Spain, Florida, and Texas. Currently a first year medical student at Texas Tech University School of Medicine. I've been involved in several research projects from St Louis to Grenoble, France. I try to pack my life with all the beautiful experiences and sensations that God has to offer. I'm passionate about Catholicism, fitness, healthcare, nutrition, sneakers, mentoring, and traveling. 
"The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness!" - Pope Benedict XVI
Let's be great together!


Indianapolis, Indiana

Andrew Fallonsasquatchfitness777@gmail.com 

My name is Andrew Fallon and I am the creator and founder of Sasquatch Fitness. I work with some close friends to provide true fitness information to the public. I got tired of hearing all the lies that people were sending to the fitness world and wanted to put an end to it. I graduated with a kinesiology major at DePauw University and now pursuing a Masters In Indianapolis — working to be a strength and conditioning coach to make athletes the best athletes they can be. Along with fitness my Catholic faith is very important to me. I try to give glory to God in everything I do whether it be my school, work, or my lifting.

All Glory to God!

Seth Monholandseth.monholand@focus.org 

Seth and Andrew.jpg

 Lexington, Kentucky

Johnna Dominguez - catholicwomenrun@gmail.com

Johnna is a four-time half marathon and two-time marathon finisher who became Catholic during the 2017 Easter Vigil. Along with her best friend Charlotte, she has started a running ministry for Catholic women to grow deeper in their faith. You can connect with Johnna and find out more about the #CatholicWomenRun challenge on Instagram and on her blog.


Fargo, North Dakota

Danielle MacGregordjlubs19@gmail.com

Danielle is a married cradle Catholic, dog shower, and wannabe runner. Born and raised in Colorado, now currently living in Fargo, North Dakota  and enjoying as much of the cold as possible. During her workouts you may hear a bunch of "oofda" but also a lot of self motivation and Hail Mary's to get through the next rep. Most of the time her workouts include cardio, stretching and Pilates. On a personal level, Danielle continues to feel passionate about her Catholic Faith and each day tries to gain a little more knowledge of her faith, while also balancing life being social with finding the local fun spots, or attending country bars or concerts to do Country 2-step with her husband or taking her Welsh terrier to agility class or a long afternoon at the dog park


Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Joshua Sneeringersne2590@student.waynesburg.edu

My name is Joshua Michael Sneeringer, I’m a college wrestler and power lifter! My faith and training have been the two of the most important things in my life. It has allowed for me to build great friendships and strengthen each other.


Gloucester, Virginia

Paul Avellaavella86@gmail.com

My name is Paul Avella. I'm 31 years old. Married with four children. Active duty Coast Guard. I like to stay active, playing soccer and football when available. Hike. Run. Lift. And love to go to the beach. I'm a San Diego boy so I'm most comfortable in shorts and flip-flops. Currently on my second year of teaching confirmation and trying to put together a men's group at my church in Gloucester VA. 


San Marcos, Texas

Lillie Mysel - lillie.mysel@gmail.com

Hi :) my name is Lillie, I'm a St Paul’s Outreach Missionary at Texas State, and I have a passion for glorifying the Lord in all that I do. He has given me a heart for mission and has placed a flame in my heart to light on fire to share His love in my everyday life, which includes health + fitness, videography, traveling, praying, reading + so much more. Check out my YouTube channel Lil's Life & Instagram @lilliemysel to see more of what I do everyday. Be blessed!


Dayton, Ohio

Sam Newman

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cameron Smith