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Week 6: Fuel - Soul

Y’all saw it coming…

How else do we fuel our soul better than by receiving Christ Himself?!

The source and summit of our faith is the best soul food we can get. Adoration and receiving the Eucharist are the best options for soul food.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to go to the chapel or be at Mass. But we are ALWAYS able to take a moment to pray.

Building off last week, you have introduced spiritual reading into your life and have new or renewed ammo. Turn this enthusiasm towards your prayer, where we can be fed by God. Spiritual reading should inspire our prayer. Spiritual reading can help us learn more about God, give us a new approach to prayer, or help us examine ourselves more objectively. But it must never be reduced to mere intellectual pursuit.

“The Christian faith is not the result of religious, ethical, or philosophical speculation. It is always the result of an encounter” - Fr. Lorenzo Albacete.

We must bring our mind and body with us into our prayer to encounter Christ!

Just like beginning to workout, it can be tough to have excitement about going to the gym. Or it can be tough to stick to your diet when you want that donut. But through consistency and diligence, we begin to build a love for the gym and we see our food as the fuel we need. Through the same consistency and diligence, we work on our prayer life. It may seem fruitless or tedious at first, but it grows to become the conversation with God that it is supposed to be.

And if you need some inspiration to stay consistent, look to one of the greatest Saints of prayer, St Teresa of Avila, as she said, “the devil knows he has lost the soul that perseveringly practices mental prayer.”


Enter into Holy Week with a new focus on seeking an encounter with Christ through mental prayer. Build a habit of prayer. Instead of feeling bored and opening up your phone to fill in every last second of the day, take the moment to thank God for something.

Bring it all home this week. Remove all the distractions of your body, mind, and soul. Feed your body, mind, and soul with a renewed vigor and enter into the Easter season pursuing Christ with reckless abandon!

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