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Our Mission:


We provide the tools, info, and support you need to strive for excellence in Mind, Body, and Soul. 


Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire and encourage you to be both spiritually and physically fit, remembering that we are body and soul composites -- always moving forward, moving to the Cross, moving closer to Him

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Where We Have Been Featuredโ€ฆ


National Catholic Register

"Catholics are helping folks to also exercise their faith as they work out.

At the center of this effort to โ€œinspire the synergy between faith and fitnessโ€ is the resource hub Swole.Catholic..."


Catholic Stuff You Should Know

Paul McDonald had the opportunity to interview with Fr. Michael O'Loughlin at the Religious Education Congress in LA


The Denver Catholic

"Humans are both body and soul and both must be strengthened. This is the reason for the existence of Swole.Catholic, a group of people who dedicate themselves to nurturing their soul while strengthening their body, and through their ministry, motivate others to do the same..."


Our Outposts

We have team members all over the country who are the lighthouses of their regions. These passionate leaders help facilitate groups, events, connections, and activities. Find one in your area, or start your own with your own personal/regional flavor!


Get Involved

Here are just a few ways you can get involved...


Join a Group

Find an outpost near you and plug-in to the Bible studies, workouts, hangouts, etc.

Rep the gear

Shop all of our awesome "no-profit" gear at our online store or at a local conference!

Start a Group / Outpost

Nothing in your area? Then let's get something started!


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