Below are some passionately Catholic resources that can help provide you with further reading, inspiration, support, and/or challenges.

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Personal Trainers

Dakota Lane Fitness

Dakota Lane is a Catholic Bodybuilder in the Denver area who helps people reach verso la'alto (or "to the heights"), taking every aspect, prayer, work, study, or fitness to perform at the best of your ability! Personalized meal plans and workouts

Fit Catholic Mom

Rebecca Dussault - Olympian, wife, and mom. Join her on a journey to become the best Catholic Mom you can be! 

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Emma Bauta Personal Training

Emma is a student at University of Central Florida studying for her Bachelors in Sports and Exercise Science. She wants to help those who want to use nutrition and exercise as an alternate medicine for chronic health issues, from diabetes treatment to cardiac rehab

Gyms / Workouts


Paladin Martial Arts & Fitness

Nate Cools has been helping people meet their strength & self-defense goals for over 5 years in Coeur d’Alene, ID

Pietra Fitness

Pietra Fitness its not yoga. It's a "whole person" workout seeking to build strength, stability, and longevity


SoulCore is praying the rosary with your sacred body

Blogs / Podcasts

Catholic Stuff You Should Know

“Lighthearted explorations into various prominent and obscure Catholic topics.”

Check out their interview podcast with Swole.Catholic


Catholic baller & sprinter changing athlete culture to reflect Christian values of work ethic, integrity, and sacrifice.

Lillie Mysel

"When I run, it is one of my most intimate times with Our Mother Mary, Most Holy."

Read about Lillie's reasons to run

The Catholic Man Show

Adam Minihan and David Niles are two rockstar Catholics who love to dive into manly topics while enjoying a manly drink


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Grace Filled Nutrition

Zita Easton is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Certified Dementia Specialist from Colorado.  Zita is advancing Christ’s mission to help others in creating awareness on causes of chronic illness, as well as living a life full of vitality in order to serve Christ.


Everyday Nutrition, LLC

Tracy Man specializes in PCOS/infertility and using nutrition therapy to help with symptoms to avoid the socially acceptable treatments like hormonal birth control and IVF. In addition she sees a lot of weight loss clients, both men and women.




Online support and community for diocesan Priests to be healthy to better serve their flocks


 A virtue-based formation program for Coaches and Directors of Sports Ministry



Endow brings women into small group communities that transmit the depth of our Catholic faith to awaken each woman’s particular genius and ignite them as luminaries who heal, mother, and prepare the world for the love of Christ.


Catholic Women Run

A ministry who seeks to strengthen women's understanding of their faith by training their minds and bodies