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Week 5: Fuel - Mind

Week 5:

Fueling the Mind

“What are you reading?” Is one of my favorite questions to ask! Most people who are reading something of substance will light up as they share the book they are reading and what it is doing to their life.

When you are being fed with what is good, true, and beautiful, you become alive and the energy is contagious! We are called to give glory to God and as St Irenaeus said, “the glory of God is man fully alive!”

What does it mean to be “alive?” We look to our creation and we know we are created in the image and likeness of God. To become more alive is to become more of who we were created to be; to become more like God!

God is the fullness of reality and when we choose to binge our minds on escapes from reality we choose to turn away from God. Just as we spoke about being attached to the “feeling” of God in our first week rather than actually facing Him, we must choose to not escape but engage! Engage our minds, our bodies, our souls to the fullness of reality that is Christ. I believe reading can be a tool to engage our minds to see a broader picture.

Fiction allows us to analyze our world and lives through larger-than-life characters.

Non-fiction shares the wisdom of the past and inspires us with true stories.

Spiritual reading opens our hearts and our brains to draw us closer to Christ!

St Athanasius of Alexandria said, “you will not see anyone who is truly striving after his spiritual advancement who is not given to spiritual reading.”

You are what you eat, eh?


Level 1 - Pick up a book and begin to read. Instead of watching your tv show, opt for a few chapters in your book instead.

Level 2 - Commit to reading 12 books this year, one book a month.

If you are looking for suggestions, reach out! Or comment with your favorite spiritual book!

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